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We are a nursing home in Kajang

Nursing Home in Kajang

We are a full service professional nursing home in Kajang. Our competent team provides specialized care for stroke rehabilitation, dementia care and geriatric care

Trusted brand in long-term care


Our nursing home in Kajang is led by an experienced medical doctor that is available on-site daily

Trusted brand in long-term care


All aspects of care provided is overseen by a team of experienced professional nurses with experience in geriatrics

Professional nursing care


Our professional memory care team is led by a team of psychologists trained in dementia care

Trusted brand in long-term care
Trusted brand in long-term care
Happy clients

About Genesis

We make caring for your loved ones our priority

What sets us apart:

"Our greatest achievement is in being able to bring comfort and dignity to our clients in their most vulnerable hour."

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Dr. Phang Sue Ling, M.D

Chief of operations Genesis

At Genesis, and particularly in our nursing home in Kajang, we believe that an old folks home is only as good as the care that is being provided. This is why we at Genesis are constantly working to diligently elevate standards of care in these areas:

Our services

What we provide

The services provided in our nursing home in Kajang is focused in these areas

Trusted brand in long-term care

Doctor visits

Residents living in our nursing home in Kajang receive a doctors review on a once-weekly basis. In addition to this, our doctors also review any residents who require additional attention at no extra cost

Greetings - Physio Department

Nursing care

All our residents receive professional care services from a team of certified caregivers that are always supervised by a team of dedicated supervisors and care managers that are in turn supported by the centre doctor

Rehabilitation & Activities Department

Dementia care

One main area that distinguishes our nursing home in Kajang from other establishments is the fact that our memory care teams are led by experienced psychologists who oversee our programmes

Happy clients
Resident doctors
Years of experience

Our gallery

Captured moments with our patients

Here are pictures depicting the joyful interactions between residents and our care professionals in our nursing home in Kajang. Scroll through these pictures to get an idea of what the atmosphere in our dementia care centre is like

The team

Meet the Team

These are the people elevating care standards in our nursing home in Kajang

What our clients say about us

Hear from our residents and their families about their experiences with Genesis Care. Our nursing home in Kajang has made a positive impact on the lives of seniors in our community, and we are proud to share their stories.

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Discover why we are the best nursing home

The are a number of ingredients that contribute to us being the best nursing home in Kajang. Reach out to us here to find out exactly what makes Genesis the best nursing home.

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