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Who We Are

We are the largest long-term care facility operator in Malaysia. Comprising of more than 100 highly trained professionals, we bring innovation to care-giving. We are a professional care operator that places the needs of our clients foremost.
Trusted brand in long-term care
Trusted brand in long-term care

A trusted brand in long-term care

Since our start in 2018, Genesis Life Care has always placed our clients at the centre of our care process. We do so because we understand that the key to success in long-term care is in personalizing care plans. We design all our services around our individual client aimed at promoting their quality of life. Our team of care professionals are committed in getting to know our clients on a personal level. In doing so, they are able to design our care programmes to suit their individual needs.
Across Malaysia, Genesis is aspiring to establish professional care facilities. All these facilities will provide a consistent, standardized and predictable level of care.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to promote the best quality of life that our clients can expect. Achieving this level of care is only possible through determined collaboration. Our teams take deliberate steps to include our clients, their family members and their care providers. In doing so, we provide our clients with the best possible opportunity to preserve the quality of life they desire.
Trusted brand in long-term care


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Professional Care Teams

Our facilities are managed by a professional team of health care experts. 

The team

Meet the Team

These are the people elevating care standards

Professional nursing care
Dr. Harvey Phoon, M.D
Doctor in-charge

As the resident doctor in Genesis, my role is to oversee the medical management of our patients. I’m based in Genesis Klang daily and review all our patients here.

Trusted brand in long-term care
Angeline Lee
Centre manager

As the centre manager, my role is to ensure operational efficiency of all departments and teams within the centre. I work closely with all other department heads.

Trusted brand in long-term care
Azraidie Jasni
Nurse manager

As the nurse manager, i manage the quality and competency of the nursing team. My role is to ensure that our care team upholds the highest standards of care.

Professional nursing care
Head of physio & rehab

As head of physiotherapy, i oversee the work of our rehab team. I manage a team of therapists with diverse expertise.

Yuen Yuen
Loh Yuen Yen
Resident psychologist

As the resident psychologist, i head the dementia care programme. I train, manage, and oversee the quality and competency of our dementia carers.

Li Jia
Chia Li Jia
Registered dietician

As the resident nutritionist, my role is to optimise nutrition intake among our residents. I work with our FnB team to design meal plans that would suit the requirements of each of our residents.

Cindy Ooi
Centre manager

As a senior physiotherapist in Genesis, i`m part of a team that works on the rehabilitation of our patients. We promote a multi-disciplinary approach to care and rehabilitation.

Professional nursing care
Joharry Mustafa
Nurse manager

As a nurses supervisor, my role is to ensure that the floor operations are running like clock work. I supervise a team of caregivers and manage medical emergencies when they arise.

Lee Ee Liin
Head of physiotherapy

As a senior physiotherapist in Genesis, i`m part of a team that works on the rehabilitation of our patients. We promote a multi-disciplinary approach to care and rehabilitation.


Our mission

To elevate care standards. To make the lives of people we engage with better than it was without us. Peace of mind to their loved ones, and a life of dignity, pain-free and joyful for our clients.
Specialized care

The best place for specialised care

Our carers receive rigorous training to equip them to manage your complex care needs.

Stroke rehabilitation

Intensive rehabilitation immediately following a stroke is compulsory to achieve greatest recovery outcome. Our specialist rehab team is well-trained to support your rehab needs. Find out how we can help you in your journey to recovery.​

Dementia care

We are the leading dementia care facility in Malaysia. Our professional care team has established a knowledge base that is fast becoming the standard of care. We continue to build strong international partnerships for growth and learning. Our goal is to establish the reference care standard for dementia.

Geriatric care

We are not a care facility. We are a thriving community that promotes well-being and independence. Led by a team of passionate healthcare experts, we are the best place for your loved ones to thrive in.

What our clients say about us

A nursing home is only as good as the service being provided. Ready what our clients have to say about the nursing care provided at our facility

Madam Nagaletchumi
Best decision we made

We were previously told to brace ourselves for the inevitable as Amma was going downhill. However, within one week of Amma’s stay here at Genesis, we are thrilled with the 180-degree change in her. She is alert, vibrant, more interactive, coherent in speech and with improved appetite.

Corey Loke-Fernandez
Eternally thankful to Genesis

The medical personnel and care staff at Genesis Life Centre did so much for my 80 year old dad when he was a resident there. From being bed ridden and totally dependent, they nursed and rehabilitated and cared for him until he is able to take care of himself. All these in just a few months. He started driving again 2 months after discharged from Genesis centre.

Susan LMW
Well trained staff and friendly

My mum and dad are in their mid-90s and they have been at Genesis for 4 months. It offers them some freedom to do what they want with a lot of assistance. They have a big room all to themselves and they like the noodles cooked here as well, thanks to the chefs. All the staff here is well trained and friendly.

Our blog

Latest blog and articles

This blog is a fresh resource providing the latest information related to professional senior care. This blog is a useful resource to professional caregivers and family members of seniors seeking care-related information.

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