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Looking for a good old folks home in Malaysia?

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If you’re researching for good old folks homes in Malaysia, you already know that choosing a nursing home is a big decision. This is regardless of whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one. There are many factors to consider. These range from the location, qualification of the personnel that operate the home, services that are being offered at the facility, quality of the food prepared at the facility, safety protocols in place, and even access to medical facilities in the event of a medical emergency. These factors when taken into consideration only serves to compound the difficulty in making a decision to contemplate an old folks home as an option for either yourself or a loved one.


We at Genesis Life Care Centre Klang understand the difficulty that you face when researching for a good aged care facility. To make the process easier, we’ve put together a list of key factors that will need your consideration when you set out to look for an old folks home.


1. The building:

As you travel to the premises, consider the distance to your home. It’s important that the home you consider be within a 20 minute drive from your location. Once there, consider the cleanliness of the property. It should be well maintained regardless of age. Is there malodor from soiled linen or furniture? 

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Are the floors sticky to touch? Do the fan blades look like they’re being cleaned? Is the waste from soiled diapers and wound dressing being disposed separately from general waste? Is there good ventilation in the building? Are the rooms and common areas of a good size? Are too many residents being packed into small spaces? Are the bathrooms clean? Is the building easy to navigate? If it isn’t a single story property, are there ample lifts and ramps? How about the location and parking for visitors? These are all factors to consider as you begin to inspect potential old folks homes.

2. The facilities:

Once you complete the above, it’s time to look closely at the facilities being provided themselves. Start with the rooms. Do they feel spacious and well-lit? Are there too many people being confined into small rooms? Are the options for room types justified based on the size of the rooms and orientation of furniture? Are the toilets easily accessible? Is there enough space for those who want their own privacy or quiet time, or shared rooms for those wanting company? Can the rooms be personalized? It’s important that residents feel at home.
Next up, investigate the common areas. Ideally there will be different spaces for residents and visitors, and it should be easy to get from one space to another. It’s also worthwhile finding out if there is any outdoor spaces for resident use too.
Lastly, you will need to consider any special needs, whether they are pre-existing or potential issues in the future. Do the facilities meet the individuals special needs? Is the appropriate medical care and equipment available either onsite or nearby? Is there easy access to an ambulance in the event of a medical emergency?


3. The nursing team and caregivers:

The competency of the nursing team working in the aged care facility are the most important point to consider. This will define the wellbeing of the residents, both physically and also emotionally. First impressions speak volumes. When you visit, are you made to feel welcome straight away, and are the carers easy to identify? Remember to ask about the staff to resident ratio and the qualifications of the staff to ensure they are adequately equipped to assist residents with their specific needs.
You may also like to ask around to get a better idea about the relationship carers have with the residents. Do the carers make an effort to connect with residents and get to know them personally? How big a role do the carers play in the daily lives of the residents? The best testimony to these factors will be the residents that are already residing there.


4. The other residents:

The other residents play an important role in the old folks home experience. When visiting potential old folks homes, take a look around and pay attention to the atmosphere. Do the other residents look happy? Are they socializing and making the most of the activities and facilities on offer to them? If you can, try and have a chat with a few of them to find out the things they enjoy about the home.


5. The service being offered:

When assessing the services being offered, it’s worthwhile to find out what there is on offer not only physically within the facility , but also at a more personalized level. Many facilities offer a diverse range of services including; laundry, hairdressing and beauty services, physiotherapy, music therapy, dietitians, speech and occupational therapy, counselling and more. Don’t forget to ask about the meals too! Is it cooked fresh onsite, and does the menu change daily? Find out what social events, health and fitness activities, outings and entertainment are provided and if there are transport services made available to residents.


6. The accreditation:

It is mandatory for old folks homes in Malaysia to be accredited. The accreditation can either be from the Ministry of Health Malaysia if its a nursing home or by the welfare department if its an old folks home. For peace of mind, you may want to check that the facility has received this accreditation and to what standard before making your final decision in choosing an aged care facility.


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