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We are a dementia care centre specialized in caring for moderate to severe dementia.

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Dementia in Malaysia

With advances in technology and quality of life, human beings are living longer lives. This is true for us here in Malaysia as well. Our national statistics show that Malaysia is set to become an ageing nation in 2030. This will see the population aged 60 years and over reaching 15.3%of the total population. This will see a correlated increase in the prevalence of patients with dementia. As it stands, the prevalence of dementia in Malaysia is 8.5%. This trend was what motivated us to setup a specialized dementia care centre in Malaysia.

Operated by Dementia Professionals

The Genesis dementia care centre is a nursing home specialized in dementia care. The dementia care team in Genesis specializes in managing moderate to severe dementia. Our dementia care professionals have received specific training in this area. This equips them with the skills to help our patients in their daily routine. This includes assisting them with daily hygiene, their diet, focused activities, and recreation. This team also looks into the medical management of the patients in their care. The all-rounded approach to dementia care in Genesis is why our dementia patients are thriving!

Activity session

Positive Approach to Care

Activity session
Activity session

At Genesis, we are working on implementing the principles of positive approach care. We approach our patients through a holistic lense. We understand that each dementia patient we attend to is at a different stage of the process. We go to great lengths to understand and respect the history and boundaries of each of them.
More often than not, patients with dementia tend to forget how to perform the most mundane tasks. With good care, these patients can be still find ways to thrive. Our approach to dementia care allows us to assist our patients with their daily routine. We are able to do this while respecting their individuality.
In Genesis, our goal in providing care to those with dementia are as follows:
1. Optimizing the amount a physical activity that a client with dementia receives. This is through structured group play and exercise activities and focused 1-on-1 time.
2. Structured cognitive exercises that focus on stimulating their cognitive abilities. This includes simple math, memory games, listening to old songs, and others.
The progression of dementia is that it sometimes results in challenging behavioral symptoms. Our work in this area focuses on detecting these traits early and addressing them. This is an area that our resident psychologist Calvin spends much of his time tackling.

Focus areas

Our key focus areas in dementia care

Our care professionals receive rigorous training to equip them to manage the complex care needs of our clients 

Physical activity

The decision for intensive rehabilitation in the period that immediately follows an acute stroke can restore most of the neurological deficit sustained in a stroke

Cognitive exercises

Includes a wide variety of exercises designed to alleviate symptoms and delay progression of dementia

Behavioural & psychological

These encompass a range of activities designed to help individuals with dementia reduce the anxiety associated with their condition

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