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Madam Nagaletchumi Nagalingam​

We were previously told to brace ourselves for the inevitable as Amma was going downhill. However, within one week of Amma’s stay here at Genesis, we are thrilled with the 180-degree change in her. She is alert, vibrant, more interactive, coherent in speech and with improved appetite. Previously Amma was completely bed bound, but now she is excited to participate in the recreational activities organized. We accrue this to the comprehensive and wholistic approach to Amma’s management. We are indeed indebted to Dr Sue for personally accompanying Amma during her transport to Genesis as well as personally taking charge of the treatment plan. Her sincere dedication and lovable personality is evident in how quickly Amma has bonded with her. The nursing and management staff too are hardworking and very friendly. Amma’s room is big airy, spacious, and very clean that she feels she is at home. It is definitely the best decision we have made to choose Genesis Life Care.


Corey Loke-Fernandez

The medical personnel and care staff at Genesis Life Centre did so much for my 80 year old dad when he was a resident there. From being bed ridden and totally dependent, they nursed and rehabilitated and cared for him until he is able to take care of himself. All these in just a few months. He started driving again 2 months after discharged from Genesis centre.
A far cry from the start of his touch-or-go health crisis where he was resuscitated, put in a medically induced coma, intubated, septicaemia, X-ray done frequently on his lungs, especially the collapsed lung, dialysis every other day. All these while warded in the ICU for 2 weeks and consequently in the CCU for another 2 weeks in Hospital Sungai Buloh.

So yes, Genesis Life Centre not only nursed him back to health, physically and mentally, they also brought back my dad’s quality of life. We are eternally thankful to all, and especially Dr Sue at Genesis Life Centre.


Ong See Sun

My Stay at Genesis Care.. Upon discharge from Sungai Buloh Hospital.. on 12th February 2021..i was admitted into Genesis Care to undergo my quarantine The office put me in Room 610. I was unable to walk to the lift. so they wheeled me into the room.. I was unable to eat solid food because of my blistered tongue and throat.. I requested Kitchen  to prepare blended food.. so that i am able to consume and build up my strength. Never expected it so heavenly.. Fast forward i was transfered to room 408 then 404. There were some small problems which was settled promptly One positive point that i can mention in this write up.. The Staff and caregiver are ever willing to assist.. Should we have any problems.. We can approach any of them.. Genesis Care have been in operation for the past 3 years and have an average occupancy of 70 per cent. They have 4 floors with 20 rooms a floor.. Every floor is headed by an experienced medical assistant with a wide pharmaceutical knowledge. PFeed tubes..  They are fed every 4 hours.. Genesis Care Klang is in Amverton Building Jalan Istana. Very Comfortable Lounge area.. Any enquries can be forwarded to management.. They are most willing to assist you..

Susanlmw L

My mum and dad are in their mid-90s and they have been at Genesis for 4 months. It offers them some freedom to do what they want with a lot of assistance. They have a big room all to themselves and they like the noodles cooked here as well, thanks to the chefs. All the staff here is well trained and friendly.


ML Yap

Thank you very much to Dr Sue and all the staff at Genesis for the care provided to my mother during her recovery and rehabilitation after her hip surgery.



You have all done a splendid job. We appreciate the care that has been rendered during her stay at Genesis. THANK YOU GENESIS TEAM.
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