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Genesis Life Care has nursing homes located in Klang and Kajang. All our facilities are conveniently accessible via major highways and are within close proximity to major hospitals and related health facilities. 


Genesis Life Care Centre Kajang

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5-bedded room

Genesis Life Care Centre Klang

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We are not just another care centre

Greetings - Physio Department

At Genesis, we are working to re-imagine the nursing care industry. From the professional medical care, to delicious health food, and a warm and inviting ambiance, we are re-thinking every aspect of the service we provide to our clients.

Dr. Lyndon Thomas, M.D

ceo, Genesis Life Care Centre

What our clients say about us

A nursing home is only as good as the service being provided. Ready what our clients have to say about the nursing care provided at our facility

Madam Nagaletchumi
Best decision we made

We were previously told to brace ourselves for the inevitable as Amma was going downhill. However, within one week of Amma’s stay here at Genesis, we are thrilled with the 180-degree change in her. She is alert, vibrant, more interactive, coherent in speech and with improved appetite.

Corey Loke-Fernandez
Eternally thankful to Genesis

The medical personnel and care staff at Genesis Life Centre did so much for my 80 year old dad when he was a resident there. From being bed ridden and totally dependent, they nursed and rehabilitated and cared for him until he is able to take care of himself. All these in just a few months. He started driving again 2 months after discharged from Genesis centre.

Susan LMW
Well trained staff and friendly

My mum and dad are in their mid-90s and they have been at Genesis for 4 months. It offers them some freedom to do what they want with a lot of assistance. They have a big room all to themselves and they like the noodles cooked here as well, thanks to the chefs. All the staff here is well trained and friendly.

Who we are

The leading nursing home operator in Malaysia is now in Kajang

We are a world class nursing home operator and we specialize in these following areas:

Stroke rehabilitation
Dementia care
Post-operative care
Palliative care
Genesis Life Care team

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Discover why we are the best nursing home in Kajang

The are a number of ingredients that contribute to us being the best nursing home in Kajang. Reach out to us here to find out exactly what makes Genesis the best nursing home in Kajang

Trusted brand in long-term care
Genesis Life Care team

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