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Geriatric Care

Understand the various aspects of geriatric care in which our team will be able to assist your loved one.

Care personnel
care team

Professional nursing care

The geriatric care programme is for senior patients that need some level of assistance in the daily routine. This ranges from hygiene, to toileting, nutrition, grooming and others. Our carers and trained to dispense quality care while allowing these patients to keep their independence and dignity. All patients seeking entry into this programme will need to undergo an assessment by our doctor, nutritionist and psychologist. This assessment will provide us with a baseline of the patients condition. This will then serve as a reference when planning the care routine of this patient. The range of activities in which our care team is able to assist with is as depicted below:

Assisted living

Categories of assistance provided

Daily Hygiene​

Our trained caregivers assist with daily showers

Meal Preparation

All our meals are freshly prepared on-site by our team of professionals


Residents can request for assistance with toileting by pressing the nurse call button


Planning and administration of medication to all patients are overseen by our nurses


Dedicated driver to provide transport services via car or ambulance


Opportunity for residents to interact and socialize among other like-minded residents

Recreational & social

Structured activity specifically planned for residents based on the level of needs

Wound care

Professional wound management conducted by our nurses and overseen by a doctor

Now that you have answered the questions above, you’ve equipped yourself with sound knowledge what your needs are. With this, direct your research towards locating an assisted living facility that answers your needs in the most efficient manner possible. 

Dr. Phang Sue Ling

Identifying a suitable care facility

If you are looking for a care facility, find out if the facility in question is able to support these needs. A good care facility will be able to cover these areas without any challenges.
Specialised care

Our care experts

Meet the team of professionals that are elevating care standards


Dr. Phang Sue Ling, M.D

Doctor in-charge

As the resident doctor in Genesis, my role is to oversee the medical management of our patients. I'm based in Genesis Klang daily and review all our patients here.


Angeline Lee

Nutritionist/Centre Manager

As the resident nutritionist, my role is to optimise nutrition intake among our residents. I work with our FnB team to design meal plans that would suit the requirements of each of our residents.

Nurse Manager

Azraidie Jasni

Nurse Manager

As the nurse manager, i manage the quality and competency of the nursing team. My role is to ensure that our care team upholds the highest standards of care.

Teo Cheah Yau

Teo Cheah Yau

Head of Physio & Rehab

As head of physiotherapy, i oversee the work of our rehab team. I manage a team of therapists with diverse expertise.


Calvin Chong

Resident Psychologist

As the resident psychologist, i head the dementia care programme. I train, manage, and oversee the quality and competency of our dementia carers.


Ng Lee Yoong

Head Chef

As the head chef, my role is to ensure that the food we produce is of nutritious and delicious. I prepare nutritious meals that are palatable.


Cindy Ooi


As a senior physiotherapist in Genesis, i`m part of a team that works on the rehabilitation of our patients. We promote a multi-disciplinary approach to care and rehabilitation.

Nurse Supervisor

Joharry Bin Mustafa

Nurse Supervisor

As a nurses supervisor, my role is to ensure that the floor operations are running like clock work. I supervise a team of caregivers and manage medical emergencies when they arise.


Lee Ee Lin


As a senior physiotherapist in Genesis, i`m part of a team that works on the rehabilitation of our patients. We promote a multi-disciplinary approach to care and rehabilitation.

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