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At Genesis, most of the patients that come to us remain with us for an extended period of time. As such, we ensure that the experience we create for each of them goes beyond providing basic care needs. Our goal is to promote and rekindle the act of finding joy and satisfaction in the little things in life. This may be in learning the joy of picking up a paint brush, or baking a cake, or even having a singalong with friends. Whatever their passions are, we do our best to help them find joy.
One of the most common concerns families have is that living in a care facility can be lonely. This is a common presumption many people have in view of how many care homes operate. This is not the reality of life in Genesis! Here, our activity coordinators dedicate their entire day working with our patients. Their jobs are to keep our residents engaged and connected to the activities that bring them joy. The designated activity studio in Genesis is setup to promote social interaction among residents. Here, they have a controlled space to do art & craft, music, watch movies, and others.
An important part of the work the team does is in designing activities that cater to the circumstances of the patient. These professionals are adept in picking up on social and psychological cues. Some patients may feel overwhelmed in crowds. In this circumstance, our team will design individual based activities. Activities are alway pre-planned, thus ensuring that resources are made available well in advance.
Orchestrating and carrying out activities for a diverse group of patients is always a challenge. This is why we have a dedicated team of professionals whose job descriptions are to oversee the activities of our patients.
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The team in-charge of activities in led by Calvin. A psychologist by training, he spent several years as a dementia care supervisor before joining the Genesis team. These days, Calvin is our head of client experience.
His job description involves planning and curating activities for both groups and individuals with varying degrees of physical and cognitive disabilities. His professional input in this area in invaluable. With his help, we are able to design goal-orientated activities that help us achieve specific outcomes. One of the main areas of focus for our activities team is in working with our patients that have dementia. These patients receive significant benefits from having activities designed to reduce their anxiety.
We welcome any suggestions for activities that we can carry out with our residents. Participation from family members and volunteers are always welcomed. These encounters help in nurturing relationships and bringing joy to our patients.
If you would like to send us some of your recommendation or take part as a volunteer in our activities, contact us and we’ll be happy to make it happen.
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